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Poplars Farm Times Tables Policy


Poplars Farm Times Tables Policy 

Here at Poplars Farm we know that the quick recall of multiplication and division facts (times tables) is essential for all children. The ability to recall these facts quickly enables children to answer related maths questions with ease.

We therefore approach the teaching and testing of times tables in a progressive format, particularly from Year 2 through to Year 6. 

The expectation of times tables that should be known are as follows:

Year 2 (Pine and Elm) 2X, 5X and 10 X tables                           

Year 3 (Oak and Sycamore) 3X, 4X and 8 X tables

Year 4 (Willow) 6X, 7X, 9 X, 11X and 12X tables

Year 5 (Rowan) All X and ÷ facts up to 12X tables

Year 6 (Hazel) All X and ÷ facts up to 12X tables and the related language symbols such as % and

square root



As a school we have decided to ensure facts are revised and retained throughout their school journey.          

Children will be asked to practise and revise their time tables, including division facts, which will then be tested on a weekly basis.

These facts will be assessed through weekly tests. We will be aiming for children to recall the facts with increasing speed so at times the same times table will be repeated.

In addition to this, children will receive individual times table badges for each set of times tables they learn. Each badge carries with it 20 team merit points. Children ask an adult to test them individually in order to receive them. Staff often do this over break times.


In order to receive a times table champion certificard children need to know all their times tables and division facts off by heart. Once they have achieved this, they will be awarded the times table champion certificard and 100 tem merit points, which will be given out in the achievement assembly on Fridays.

You can find a video on the school website of how children are tested for their badges.


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