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School is open to all from Monday 8th March 2021

Poplars Farm's full opening plan and remote learning provision

A message to our pupils from Bradford City

Stay fit, stay healthy! Thank you for our special and important message.


A message to all the fabulous teachers of the world from our pupils!

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Looking for a Nursery place? - please take a look at our fabulous Little Poplars provision

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Information for Parents and Carers

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Our GROW approach to the full opening of


G- giving

We will give priority to the safety of pupils, staff and the wider community. We will do this by minimising the risks brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, balancing them against our school’s vision whilst considering the short term and long-term benefits to pupils and community.


We will value the emotional well-being of staff, and of pupils and their families, as they return to school, recognising the present and past impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. We will ensure that pupils access the full curriculum and reignite their love and enjoyment of learning. We will seek a current understanding of each child, in order to adapt and deliver our curriculum, and provide targeted support based on each pupil’s social, health, emotional, physical and academic needs. We recognise that pupils’ experiences since March 2020, will have differed considerably.


We will look to minimise disruption, inconvenience and emotional distress caused by future lockdowns, local lockdowns, partial closures or absences of pupils and/or staff due to self-isolation and/or Covid-19 related illness. We will build on the innovative working practices and curriculum offer that we developed during lockdown. We will maintain our commitment to high quality learning and achievement be it at school or when delivering learning remotely.


All pupils and staff will be warmly welcomed back to school. With a positive mindset, we will embrace ‘the new norm’ and look to ways to build school unity and a sense of belonging for each and everyone who attends Poplars Farm Primary School.

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