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Autumn 2023

Welcome back to school!

We are looking forward to seeing you again on Tuesday 5th September and meeting our new pupils jouining us-welcome.  You will find below the names of the classes and teachers for the new school year. Haven't we grown?! There will be plenty of staff outside on Tuesday mornig to help direct everyone. See you soon.

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Parents of pupils in Key Stage 1 can escort their children to the external classroom doors in the morning  (gate opened at just before 8.45am by office staff) and parents will be able to also pick their children up at 3.20pm from the classroom's external doors. The gate will be opened at just before 3.20pm by office staff.   

Key Stage 2 pupils enter school through the main school gates in the morning with their parents. They will line up in the front playground in classes. Parents are welcome to stand at either side of the playground and wait for their children to enter school with their classteacher. Key Stage 2 pupils will be dismissed from the carpark and handed over to parents at the end of the school day. 

Summer Term 2023

This year's FESTIVAL of LEARNING is on Tuesday 18th July 2023

We hope that you will be able to join us in celebrating your child's learning and our Poplars Curriculum!

June 26th 2023:

Dear families, we are aware that many of you are celebrating Eid on different days this week, from Tuesday to Friday.  We would like to wish you all a blessed time and we will welcome everyone back next week!

Spring term 2023

We value language learning at Poplars Farm. Look at how quickly these Year 3 pupils have taken to their weekly French lessons


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The Poplars Curriculum (please see the Poplars Curriculum tab)

The video below is an example of the impact of the Poplars Curriculum. It shows how quality writing stems from pupils' genuine interest and motivation.

Real world tasks provide this. It shows the high profile of oracy and language learning. It shows by giving our pupils a platform (in this caes hundreds of educators involved in the global network for deep learning and to schools from across the MENA region) leads to pupils feeling valued...listened to, leading to even more motivation.

It leads to increased confidence and self belief and fosters a sense of pride in our school and a sense of working in partnership.

Through building on previous knowledge acquisition and creating links through the Poplars Biggest Ideas, our pupils become informed, prepared and equiped to face the future. Children matter...


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